The Enterprise Europe Network in Iceland assists small and medium-sized companies, as well as universities and public bodies, through the world’s largest business network. The Enterprise Europe Network employs around 3,000 specialists in over 600 locations in more than 60 countries and on every continent. With expertise in international markets and networks throughout Europe and beyond, we help companies enter new markets.

Our service is free of charge.

Business opportunities

We help companies enter into international partnerships through our network and the events we offer, which helps companies to grow in international markets.

The Enterprise Europe Network database, which is the largest of its kind, contains thousands of opportunities that can increase your company’s competitiveness.
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We organize targeted and effective corporate conferences at international conferences that increase the likelihood of business agreements and save companies time and money. We also organize company visits around the world that are tailor-made for our clients and have led to partnership agreements, thanks to good preparation, local knowledge and expert guidance that our specialists have.
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Customized assistance

We provide customized advice that facilitates companies’ entry into new markets and participation in international cooperation.

Whatever the industry, we do our best to advise on marketing opportunities and funding opportunities that will help your business grow internationally. We offer practical advice and targeted marketing information and provide support throughout the career.

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Intellectual property protection
Practical information for doing business in Europe
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Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to provide companies with customized assistance in innovation and growth.

We support companies to shape innovation processes and bring their innovation to market faster. We help identify profitable business opportunities and with our expert advice, companies can safely expand their international presence.

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